Company Profile

Prasetiya Mulya Executive Learning Institute is a part of Prasetiya Mulya Business School which focuses on business and management solution. This solution covers Organization Development, Performance Management, Human Capital Development, Leadership Transition, and Grooming Leaders through various forms of design and method. We have delivered solutions for many companies in more than 30 years.

Our Solution

The solutions will be assisted by Executive Learning Institute consultants which have been serving and experiencing in several industries.



Consultants also have abundant exposures in the field of training and development programs at some big corporations.



With incredible experience and education, Executive Learning Institute is committed to helping your company in the combination of Short Course Programs which inspire and give insights, Certificates in Management (CBM and PSCM) which give deeper knowledge, and Management Capabilities Development Program designed specially, systematically, contextually and with integrative approach, we are ready to be the partner in transforming mindsets and developing capabilities of business leaders.


The prolonged service of Prasetiya Mulya Executive Learning Institute have been commencing since 1980.


Raised hands representing the sensation of

Symbolizes our commitment to provide inspiration to every constituent in finding better solutions for the future.

A kurtosis on the letter

A reminder to constantly improve ourselves in determining solutions that are precise and suitable.

The color green representing growth.

Symbolizes that everyone in the institution, as well as those who are molded, shaped and polished through us and our teachings, must continually grow and develop.

Lowercase letters in the logotype represent humility.

A reminder to remain humble and amiable in our relations with others.

The letter

Symbolizes that a winning spirit must always be upheld. In addition, it also symbolizes that through us and our services, the winners are formed, honed and polished.

The circle representing ripples of a wave

Symbolizes that our presence should always have a positive impact on the world. Also evinces our hope that every person should bear a positive impact on his organization.

Dark blue symbolizes robustness and bonding.

Everything we do is based on a solid foundation. The color also reminds us to form a strong bond with Prasetiya Mulya.