Custom Programs


Prasetiya Mulya Executive Learning Institute has long standing relationships with local and international companies based in Indonesia to support the development of their human resources and business and management strategies. Training programs are designed to develop the specific skill sets that a company requires in its future strategy.

Prasetiya Mulya Executive Learning Institute has become the trusted partner for national and multinational companies in supporting the development of their business and management strategy and human resource competencies. The pride comes from long term mutual relationships with numerous companies who have visions for success, and commitment to achieve them through human resource development.

Human resource development is a continuous process that requires high commitment and good management to be effective. The program of development relates to the stage of the companies and their short and long term goals, whether at start up, in expansion, in transition or  turn around. Companies have to plan and design the development program carefully to suit each layer of management.

Effective training program improves competencies of human resources to perform better and add values to their companies and institutions. Trainings are needed for various purpose, e.g. developing specific skills and knowledge of the executives and staff, preparing for new job posting or regeneration, preparing for retirement. Prasetiya Mulya Executive Learning Institute supports companies and works in synergy with training centers in assessing training needs, developing customized training program, conducting and evaluating the training for professional staff and executives. Our long experience and dedicated consultants make us resourceful in designing training material, methods of delivery, and methods of evaluation for better level of effectiveness.

Customized program may also be in the form of consulting in management and business strategy, executive coaching, mentoring, team building, business simulation, live simulation, and many more. Prasetiya Mulya Executive Learning Institute has got many occasions working together with private and government institutions on projects of formulating policies and comparison studies. We also become invitations for guest speaking in meetings and seminars to share or introduce views and knowledge in economy, management and business.